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My interest in DNA repair began during my PhD where I studied the function of base excision repair enzymes using budding yeast S. cerevisiae genetics. Since my Ph.D. was focused on base excision repair, I wanted to have a better knowledge of how the cell repairs double-strand breaks. I joined the laboratory of Dr. Steve West (Cancer Research UK) for four years to study DNA repair by homologous recombination using biochemical and cellular approaches.


Our current work, in my own laboratory at the Laval University Cancer Research Center, is divided between basic science studies of DNA repair and studies aimed at manipulating DNA repair pathways for therapeutic benefit. Basic science studies in the laboratory focus mainly on the characterization of the MRE11-RAD50-NBS1 complex, breast/ovarian PALB2 and BRCA2 proteins and Fanconi anemia enzymes in DNA double-strand break repair by homologous recombination. We are also currently developing synthetic lethal strategies, based on the function of some of these enzymes, to selectively kill ovarian and breast cancer cells using PARP inhibitors. 



Yan Coulombe

Research assistant

Marie-Christine Caron

Research assistant


Isabelle Brodeur

Administrative  assistant 

(part time)

Daryl Ronato

PhD student (Jan 2017)

Laura Sesma

PhD student (Jan 2017)


Amélie Rodrigue

Research assistant


Yuandi Gao

MSc student (Sept 2018-Jan 2020)

PhD student (Jan 2020 -)

Thibaut Peterlini

PhD student (Jan 2018)

Larissa Milano

Postdoctoral fellow (Jan 2019)

Gemma Montalban

Postdoctoral fellow (April 2019). Co-supervision with Jacques Simard.

Adèle Beneyton

PhD student

 (Sept 2019)

Sofiane Yacine Mersaoui

Postdoctoral fellow

 (Feb 2020)

Louis Nonfoux

MSc (Sept 2019-Sept 2020)

PhD student (Sept 2020 -)

Co-supervision with Guy Poirier



Graduates of the lab (well done !)

Isabelle Banville, MSc, 2004.

Synthia Sauvageau, MSc, 2006. Tableau d'honneur de l'Université Laval. Now at GSK. 

Ugo Déry, PhD, 2007. Tableau d'honneur de l'Université Laval. Now Clinical Research Associate (PAREXEL)

Sandra Piquet, MSc 2009. Co-direction with Dr Martin Simard (co-directeur). 

Mickael Ploquin, MSc et PhD 2009. Tableau d'honneur de l'Université Laval. Now at NEB. 

Ali Bransi, MSc 2009. Tableau d'honneur de l'Université Laval. 

Céline Roques, PhD 2009. 

Anne-Marie Dion-Côté, MSc 2010. Tableau d'honneur de l'Université Laval. Now PDF at Cornell. 

Amélie Rodrigue, MSc et PhD 2011. Tableau d'honneur de l'Université Laval. Now a research assistant in our lab. 

Anurhada Sakhuja, MSc 2012. Co-direction with Dr Patrick Laprise (directeur). 

Irfan Bukhari, PhD 2012. Co-direction with Dr Martin Simard (directeur). Now PDF at Harvard University

Karine Drapeau, MSc 2012. Tableau d'honneur de l'Université Laval.  Now Specialist II- Analytic Development at Medicago. 

Rémi Buisson, PhD 2012. Tableau d'honneur de l'Université Laval. Now PDF at Harvard. 

Ranjan Maity, PhD 2014. Now a PDF at University of Alberta. 

Jana Krietsch, PhD 2014 (co-direction with Michèle Rouleau/Guy Poirier). Scientific officer in Massimo Lopes lab. 

Joris Pauty, PhD 2014  (  Now a PDF at Tokyo University. 








Stéphanie Bérubé, MSc 2015. Tableau d'honneur de l'Université Laval (













Marie-Michelle Genois, PhD 2015 (co-direction with Marc-Ouellette)Tableau d'honneur de l'Université Laval ( Now a PDF at Harvard University. 











Anthony Couturier, PhD 2016  ( Now a PDF at Oxford University. 

Denis Velic, PhD 2016 (co-tutelle with Fabrice Fleury). Université de Nantes and Université Laval  (

Niraj Joshi, PhD 2016 ( Now a PDF at Harvard University.  



Mariline Béliveau, MSc 2017 ( R&D professional at GenePOC technologies

Émilie Dubois, PhD 2018 ( Founder of IMPAKT Scientifik












Mandy Ducy, PhD 2019 ( Co-direction with Dr. Jacques Simard. 




Nadine Brahiti, MSc 2019 ( Now at Feldan Therapeutics 

Julia O'Sullivan, PhD 2021, co-direction with Dr Guy Poirier 


Past post-doctoral fellows

Isabelle Brodeur (2005-2008), now administrative assistant (part time)

Julien Vignard (2007-2011). Now Chargé de Recherche 2, Toxalim UMR 1331 INRA/INP/UPS, Equipe "Génotoxicité et Signalisation", Toulouse. 

Julie Birraux (2008-2010)

Cyril Charbonnel (2011)

Hemanta Adhikary (2012-2016). PDF in Rob Bristow's lab at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and Kyle Biggar lab in Carleton University (Ottawa).

Laure Guitton-Sert (2017-2021). PDF with Gaelle Legube in Toulouse, France. 

Past research assistants

Marie-Christine Gauthier 2002-2004

Pierre Plante, 2007

Hélène Launay, technician 2008-2013

Kenny Dubois, 2014-2015 

Past trainees

Karine Jacquet, Master 2 training, 2009-2010, now a PDF in Dan Durocher lab in SLRI in Toronto  

Anne-Marie Doyon (2014-2016).

Maripier Hainse, MSc thesis writing  (2017 -

Yuandi Gao, MITACS trainee (summer 2017), Shandong University, China 

Franciele Busatto, PhD student april 2017- October 2017, and  Oct 2018-March 2019 from Jenifer Saffi's lab in Brazil (ELAP scholarship)

Simone Carvalho,, PhD student Oct 2018-March 2019

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