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MSc, PhD and postdoctoral positions are available for talented and highly motivated individuals that are interested in investigating DNA double-strand break repair and human diseases such as cancer or Fanconi anemia. 


Please send your application including a CV and short letter describing your motivation and goals for joining the lab in the current form below. One excellent first author publication is required for applying for a postdoctoral position.

Please don't hesitate to contact any current members (or past members) for feedback on the lab. 

Update -  I have an opening for a funded graduate student position (in winter 2023). There is no space in the lab for 2021 due to COVID-19 and we are moving in a new cancer institute in Quebec City in Sept 2022. 


Centre de Recherche
du CHU de Québec (Axe Oncologie) 


Centre de Recherche en Cancer

de l'Université Laval


Tel : 418 525-4444 ext.15154

Fax 418 691-5439


9, McMahon, Québec (Québec)
Canada  G1R 2J6

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